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Immigration and Employment Verification

Enacted Legislation

HB 1743: Final version (May 16, 2007) provides that it is a civil rights violation for an employer, based on the receipt of information from the Social Security Administration or from any other government agency that an employee's name and Social Security number do not correspond, to require that employee to reverify work authorization documents, to inquire as to that employee's work authorization, or to otherwise take any adverse action against that employee, unless the Attorney General of the United States issues final regulations to the contrary. Provides that it is also a civil rights violation for any employer, any agent of any employer, any employment agency, or any other entity to use the Basic Pilot Program for Employment Eligibility Confirmation to conduct certain employment verification or reverification or to take certain adverse actions against the employee. Effective June 1, 2008.

To view the final version of this bill, click here.

HB 1744: Final version (March 22, 2007) provides that employers are prohibited from enrolling in any Employment Eligibility Verification System, including the Basic Pilot program, as authorized by federal law, until the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security databases are able to make a determination on 99% of the tentative nonconfirmation notices issued to employers within 3 days, unless otherwise required by federal law. Provides that an employer who enrolls in the Basic Pilot program is prohibited from the Employment Eligibility Verification Systems, to confirm the employment authorization of new hires unless the employer attests, under penalty of perjury, on a form prescribed by the Department of Labor, to certain specified information. Preempts the exercise of home rule powers. Effective June 1, 2008.

To view the final version of this bill, click here.

Pending Legislation

HB 1605

HB 5718

SB 1870

SB 1878

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