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Immigration and Employment Verification

Enacted Legislation

HB 2779: Final version (July 2, 2007) prohibits an employer from knowingly employing an unauthorized alien. Provides that on receipt of a complaint that an employer allegedly knowingly employs an unauthorized alien, the attorney general or county attorney shall investigate whether the employer has violated subsection A. When investigating a complaint, the attorney general or county attorney shall verify the work authorization of the alleged unauthorized alien with the federal government. Provides that proof of verifying the employment authorization of an employee through the basic pilot program creates a rebuttable presumption that an employer did not knowingly employ an unauthorized alien. Effective September 9, 2007.

To view the final version of this bill, click here.

HB 2745: Final version (May 1, 2008) makes several revisions to the Legal Arizona Worker Act (HB 2779). Among changes enacted as part of the bill, which took effect immediately because of its emergency clause, the state's employer-sanctions law now extends its reach toward employers who pay their workers "under the table" in cash. Those employers must comply with the state's tax-withholding and worker-compensation laws or face fines as high as $5,000. Effective May 1, 2008.

To view the final version of this bill, click here.

Pending Legislation

HB 2791

HB 2341

HB 2342

HB 2346

HB 2063

SB 1374

Memo: Arizona E-Verify Legislation

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