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Comprehensive Immigration Reform [CIR] - "The Reform Storm"

On Thursday, April 11th, 2013, David Nachman, Esq., one of the managing Attorneys of the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. attended AILA's "National Day of Action" (NDA) in Washington DC. As part of delegation of immigration lawyers colleagues from New Jersey, Mr. Nachman met with the New Jersey Congressmen to discuss and lobby for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

It seems clearly to be the case that the "winds of change are in the air". One of the most illuminating meetings Mr. Nachman had on Capitol Hill was with the representatives of the Offices of Senators Menendez and Lautenberg who are responsible for immigration issues. Mr. Nachman was briefed by Senator Menendez's Staff Members (generally) about the proposed CIR Bill that is
likely to be introduced as early as Tuesday. As most of our readers are aware, Senator Menendez is a member of the "Gang of Eight" and, as such, his staff members are well-versed on some of the provisions of the proposed new CIR Bill.

Only a day before Mr. Nachman's visit to Capitol Hill, tens of thousands of protesters marched on the Capitol in support of immigration reform. Attendees came from all over the country. They came to tell their stories with the hope of making real changes to the immigration law. The rally was
attended by Congresspersons and Senators alike. The rally was a kick-off or meetings and events on Capitol Hill that were attended by Mr. Nachman over the weekend.

On Thursday, Mr. Nachman (along with his AILA colleagues) attended meetings with New Jersey Congressmen and Senators to discuss the merits of CIR. After his meetings with the members of Congress, he came away with the feeling that there is a political momentum in favor of a bipartisan immigration reform agreement. After the meetings, it seems to be the consensus that the Gang of Eight will be continuing their work and that they are expected to release a Bill perhaps as early as Tuesday.

The proposed CIR Bill will offer a path to legalization for the undocumented, and hopefully an overhaul of the patchwork of dysfunctional immigration policies that make-up our present legal immigration "system". Mr. Nachman reported from Washington that "amid the Wednesday march and all the events over the weekend (including reports by the Washington DC media) and the polls and the politicians seemingly lining up in favor of reform and Senator Rubio's statements on TV on Sunday"), he feels more encouraged about CIR than ever.

CIR seems to be not too far out of reach. The political climate is much different then it has been in the past and this is very encouraging. There seems to be a newfound courage by key Congressional leadership from both sides of the aisle. Some argue that the new posture of the Republican Party is a veiled attempt to garner votes for the next Presidential Election. The exciting part of the CIR "push" is that it is being heralded by Evangelicals, business and trade organization leaders in our financial hubs and industrial cities, moms and dads throughout America's heartland, all rallying together and recognizing that this is an important "first
tier" political issue.

As with any "good" law, the Bill is likely to be quite balanced. We are given to understand that there are likely to be some rigid provisions on enforcement that may be balanced with a long-term legalization program. The "key" proposition that Mr. Nachman heard on Capitol Hill was that the
new proposed CIR Bill is likely to be designed to stem illegal immigration to the U.S. for many years into the future. It will also be designed to allow the government to take advantage of technological advances to ensure border security in the future. The exact provisions are vague at this time.

Last week the U.S. Capitol was buzzing with energy about news about CIR. Once the "Bill drops" (is introduced formally) it is our hope that reasoned negotiations will ensue to ensure that CIR becomes a reality. For more information about Comprehensive Immigration Reform and/or how the CIR Bill may assist you, your friends, or the members of your family, please feel free to e-mail to us at info@visaserve.com or to call us at 201-670-0006 (x107).

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