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Living in Canada: Nursing/Caregiver Visas

Canada - New Immigration Options for International Nurses

Nurses continue to be in demand in Canada, especially in Ontario. The registration requirements for internationally trained nurses do, however, cause obstacles for those nurses who learned the trade abroad and now want to practice in Canada. A new trend is developing: In June of 2007, the Canadian Government announced a grant of over 1 million dollars to an organization located in Ontario by the name of CARE. This grant was a joint Ontario "Bridge to Work" project with the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration to assist 750 internationally educated nurses to meet the Canadian registration requirements and secure employment in the nursing profession in Ontario.

In addition, since language proficiency and adaptability has been proven to be a leading benchmark in measuring the success of landed immigrants in Canada, new projects have been funded since 2004 to allow language training of foreign trained nurses in Canada. Here are but a few examples:

  • The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, in Ottawa, Ontario: This project provides a national tool to help internationally educated nurses determine if they are ready to take the Canadian English Language Benchmarks Assessment for Nurses, which is required by provincial nursing regulators.
  • The Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care, in Toronto, Ontario: This project develops and tests a comprehensive nursing-specific language curriculum.
  • The Halifax Immigrant Learning Centre (HILC), in Halifax, Nova Scotia: The HILC manages two pilot projects. The first helping international nurses find jobs and settle in Nova Scotia, the second collecting data on the gaps and needs of the health care sector in the province and examining resources, programs and best practices.

To find out more about how to bring your nursing talent to Canada, please contact our Canadian Division at 201-670-0006, ext. 106.

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