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Canadian Division of NPZ Law Group

Veronique MalkaVéronique Malka

Manager - Canadian Division
Barrister & Solicitor [Ontario, Canada]
Foreign Legal Consultant [New Jersey, USA]

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Due to high demand and volume of Canadian immigration work, NPZ Law Group has founded and operates a Canadian Division, with the ability to meet in Montreal and Toronto. Managing the Canadian Division is Veronique Malka, a Montreal, Quebec native and a Barrister & Solicitor licensed in Ontario, Canada. Our Canadian Division's legal staff provides Canadian immigration compliance and representation to clients worldwide, with respect to issues such as:

  • Permanent Residence: A person can immigrate to Canada by means of a Family Sponsorship , through a Business Application , or individually as a Foreign Skilled Worker.
  • Temporary Immigration/Work visas: Whether coming to Canada to start work for a Canadian employer or as a U.S. visitor on business, temporary status of foreign nationals must first be obtained by means of business visitor visa or temporary work permit.
  • Obtaining passports for travel : The Western Hemisphere Trade Initiative (WHTI) now requires all individuals entering the U.S.A from Canada or Mexico to have a valid passport . This requirement was made effective for all air travel arrivals as of January 23, 2007 and will be in effect for land and sea travel in 2008. Please check into our website regularly for updates on the WHTI developments.

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