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P - Performing Artists And Athletes

The P nonimmigrant visa category is reserved for foreign nationals who are coming to the United States temporarily:

(1) To perform individually or as part of a team at an athletic competition with an internationally recognized level of performance; or
(2) To perform with an entertainment group that has been internationally recognized in its field, provided the individual has had at least a one year relationship with the group as a performer or provides functions integral to the performance; or
(3) To perform in a reciprocal exchange program between a U.S. organization and one or more foreign exchange organizations that provide for the exchange of artists and entertainers; or
(4) To perform, teach or coach as an individual or part of a group on a program that is culturally unique. INA Section 101(a)(15)(P), 8 USC 1101(a)(15)(P).

The regulations require that certain types of evidence be included with a petition for a P nonimmigrant visa. 8 CFR Sec. 214.2(p)(2)(ii). P nonimmigrant visas may be granted for the period of time required to complete the competition or event for which the individual or group has been admitted.

The regulations governing the P nonimmigrant visa category may be found at 8 CFR Sec. 214.2(p)(1)(i). The practitioner is cautioned to review the regulations in great depth prior to assisting a client with a P nonimmigrant matter since this nonimmigrant visa category is, in certain cases, extremely sensitive to labor organization consultations and oversights.


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