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Business Applications

You may be able to immigrate to Canada if you are an investor, entrepreneur, or self-employed.

Self-employed persons in the arts and entertainment industry can use this category. They usually need to show that their business has a cultural, farming or athletic value to Canada.

Investors or entrepreneurs often have to prove that, for two of the 5 previous years, they:

  • had a "Qualifying business";
  • managed a certain number of employees;
  • made sales of at least $250,000 or $500,000;
  • has a minimum net income of $25,000 or $50,000;
  • the business had an equity of at least $125,000;
  • can make a certain level of monetary investment;
  • have at least 35 points under the Immigration Points Assessment system, which awards points depending on your age, business experience, education, language, etc.).

General Comparison Chart

(valid as of 2007)


Net Worth Required

Amount to Invest


$800,000  $400,000


Employment of Another 


Note that not all of the above requirements may apply to your business. We do not recommend you do your own assessment. Our lawyers can easily help determine your enterprise's particular requirements and whether it can be the basis of your immigration application to Canada.

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